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A first aid kit project

Types of materials for assembling several first aid kits
Join together as a climbing club or companions

Purchase boxes of the items on the Traditional Mountaineering suggested First Aid Kit list from a discount drug store.  Have a couple of designated folks divide up the items as shown on the list.  Put the items identified with the + on the list in several small Ziplocs, one for each individual and the heavier group items in a single Zip for the Group kit.  Get a (medic) blue stuff sack from A16; I keep my personal first aid stuff in a Zip in the bag with my Essentials.

You can build a first aid kit for your rig, using larger compresses, more tape, more triangular bandages, medic scissors, etc.  Put it in a Plano box and put it in your trunk with the blanket, shovel, tow line and chains and battery cables.

Group first aid items, 16 ounces (plus personal first aid items)
These are the items that go in the Group first aid kit

Don't forget to include the Emergency/Incident Report Form and the fist aid kit list folded with "Wilderness First Aid and Extended Care" by Buck Tilton of NOLS for instructions you have forgotten or never did learn.  Take a Wilderness First Aid class from a nationally recognized company such as Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS.

Personal first aid items that are always carried
These suggested personal first aid supplies are always carried in each climber's Essentials bag

They include your personal over the counter drugs and Vicodin for pain that you can buy with a prescription from your personal doctor.
See the list and instructions in our suggested First Aid Kit.
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Mountain climbing has inherent dangers that can, only in part, be mitigated

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Mt. Adams, a fine traditional alpine mountaineering summit
Mt. Adams by the Mazama Glacier Route

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