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  About Alpine Mountaineering:
  The Sport of Alpine Mountaineering
  Climbing Together
  Following the Leader
  The Mountaineers' Rope
  Basic Responsibilities       Cuatro Responsabiliades Basicas de Quienes Salen al Campo
  The Ten Essential Systems       Los Diez Sistemas Esenciales

  Suggested Leader's Guidelines and Needed Information:
  Suggested Leader Guidelines    Suggested information you should receive from your organized Leaders
Group Roster, Informed Consent, Liability Release and Sign-In Agreements.  This pdf form will need to be signed by you at the trail head
  Sample Prospectus    Make sure every leader tells you what the group is going to do; print a copy for your "responsible person"
Participant Information Form   This pdf form can be printed and mailed or handed to the Leader if requested or required
Emergency and Incident Report Form    Copy and print this form. Carry two copies with your Essentials 
Participant and Group First Aid Kit    Print this form. Make up your own first aid essentials (kits) 

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Mountain climbing has inherent dangers that can in part, be mitigated



The Three Sisters and Broken Top
South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister (the sinister sister) and Broken Top in the Three Sisters Wilderness near Bend, Oregon USA
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