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Timberline Mountain Guides - photos from their climbs in Alaska







Images Copyright© 2005 by Timberline Mountain Guides. All rights reserved


Wednesday, July 13, 2005, Timberline Mountain Guides - Alaska at the Environmental Center in Bend, Oregon
Timberline Mountain Guide's Bob Lehman will show an array of slides from an American Mountain Guides Association Alpine Guides course that was held in the area in Sept of 2003. This show will provide insight to how guide's training is done in America. Pete Keane of Timberline Mountain Guides will show slides and talk about two trips to the region in 2002 and 2003, with climbs of the Mooses Tooth, Peak 11, 300 and Mt Barrille. Pete and Bob will give a short presentation of a climb of the West Aręte of Eldorado peak in the North Cascades. This is an amazing wilderness rock climb that is close to 3000 feet high surrounded by glaciers and other big peaks. The Ruth Gorge in Alaska is becoming a mecca for climbers looking for smaller peaks that are more technical. The Gorge hosts a number of smaller objectives in a spectacular setting, without the associated hazards of altitude and weather conditions that are prevalent on other big peaks in Alaska.




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Mount Rainer . . . eventually, with R.J. Secor 
(with R.J.'s recovery progress, posted here)

Sierra club, Angeles Chapter
American Alpine Club
Oregon Section of the AAC
Accidents in North American Mountaineering

"Friendship is the rope that binds us"

  Mount Adams
A fine Mount Adams summit by Paul Chance
Mount Adams, a fine traditional alpine mountaineering summit

  Mount Shasta
Mt. Shasta climb highlights need for arrest skills
Five Seconds (on Mt. Shasta)© 1996 by Mike Sarmiento

  Mount Rainer
Mount Rainer, eventually, with R.J. Secor
Mount Rainier climber killed by falling rock
Another Mt. Rainier climber dies on Liberty Ridge

  Other Summits
Mt. Whitney's East Face Route is quicker!
Mt. Whitney's Mountaineer's Route requires skill and experience
Warning!! ** Belayer drops climber off the end of the top rope ** WARNING!!
Runaway glissade fatal for Mazama climber on Mt. Whitney
Sierra Club climb on Middle Palisade fatal for Brian Reynolds
Slip on hard snow on Snow Creek route on San Jacinto
Notable mountain climbing accidents analyzed
California fourteener provides an experience
The Mountaineers Club effects a rescue in the North Cascades

  Mount Washington
Mount Washington - Report to the American Alpine Club on the recent fatal accident
Mount Washington - Oregon tragedy claims two lives
Mount Washington - fall on rock, protection pulled out
"Playing Icarus on Mount Washington", an epic by Eric Seyler   
7 pdf pages, later published in Outside magazine
A fine weekend winter summit of Broken Top, beta by Eric Seyler  
Eric has fully recovered from his injuries

  North Sister Experiences
Climbers swept by avalanche while descending North Sister's Thayer Glacier Snowfield
North Sister accident claims another climber
North Sister and Middle Sister spring summits on telemark skis
North Sister, North Ridge by Sam Carpenter
North Sister, the Martina Testa Story, by Bob Speik
North Sister, SE Ridge solo by Sam Carpenter

 North Sister Photos
Middle and North Sister exploratory adventure    
North Sister and Middle Sister spring summits on telemark skis
North Sister, Scott's solo summer summit
North Sister exploratory
North Sister winter solo
North Sister: crux photos of the Three Sisters Marathon
North Sister images

  Mountaineering Accidents in the News
Mount Washington - Oregon tragedy claims two lives
Young hiker suffers fatal fall and slide in the Three Sisters Wilderness
North Sister claims another climber
Solo climber Aron Ralston forced to amputate his own arm
Portland athlete lost on Mt. Hood
Broken Top remains confirmed as missing climber
Grisly find: hikers on Broken Top find apparent human remains
Once again, cell phone alerts rescuers of injured climber
Storm on Rainier proves fatal
Mountain calamity on Hood brings safety to the fore!
Fall into the Bergschrund on Mt. Hood, rescuers crash!
Paying the price for rescue
Accidents in North American Mountaineering