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Maps to Central Oregon adventures!


   Op Ed Good maps are vital to the wilderness experience  

   USFS Recreational Trail System map from Broken Top to Shevlin Park    large pdf file, be sure to use the size control!. 

   Oregon Badlands UTM Topo Map    large pdf file, you can print the four pages on 8.5 by 11" paper and keep it in a baggy in hand or in your pocket 

   Map of dog leash requirements in the summer wilderness    a pdf file, you can print the map on 8.5 by 11" paper and keep it for planning adventures with your friend 

   USFS Nordic, Snowshoe and Snowmobile Winter Trails Maps and with UTM Coordinate Grids:  
      Meissner | Swampy | Vista | Dutchman | Edison | Newberry | Skyliner

   Map of the Great Nordeen Ski Race near Mt. Bachelor

   Map of restricted trails at Dutchman Flat   pdf file - printable, with UTM Coordinates! 

   Map of original snowmobile restrictions at Dutchman Flat

   USFS Mt. Bachelor Alpine Ski Trails Maps:
      East side | Northwest side

   Map of some known Avalanche Slopes near Bend, Oregon 

   USFS Recreational Trail System map from Broken Top to Shevlin Park    large html file, broadband best!

   Bend Oregon Badlands Wilderness new Brochure    note that this is a large pdf file!

   Bend Oregon Badlands WSA    note that this is a large pdf file!
      You can also print the map from the html hiking map linked below. See our new Trail Heads and trails!

   Bend Oregon Badlands WSA hiking map available now from BLM    large html file, printable JPGs

   Skyline Forest between Bend and Sisters in Central Oregon    pdf file

   X-Adventure Raid Racers Route - 2004 North American Qualifier in Bend Oregon     Broadband only!

   X-Adventure Raid Race Chart - 2004 North American Qualifier in Bend Oregon     Broadband only!

   X-Adventure Raid Racers Route - 2005 North American Qualifier in Bend Oregon     Broadband only!

   A general recreation map of the Cascades Range and Central Oregon

   OHV Recreational Trail System adjoining The Badlands wilderness  

   Dog leash required on Deschutes River Trail

   Dog leash required in the Three Sisters Wilderness 

   Mountain bike trails accessible from Phil's Trail Head

   USFS logging near bike trails accessible from Phil's Trail Head 

   Mountain bike trails accessible from Phil's Trail Head 

   Map showing Fire Closure for the GW fire near Mount Washington 

   Phil's Trail has put Central Oregon on the Mountain biking map

   Map of trail work with COTA

   Phil's Trail logging closures

   USFS Mud Bogging poster  pdf

   Smith Rock State Park Map

   Central Oregon Environmental Center in downtown Bend, Oregon

   Neighborhood Parks in Bend Oregon

   Oregon's BandB Complex fire closure     Wildland fire map of the BandB Complex

   Fence pull on Mud and Ankle Creeks in the Steens Mountain Wilderness 

   Alpine Mountaineering is the root of the many sports of climbing!


Note: You can copy and print many of these Maps on letter sized paper, by right clicking the image and choosing Print! Note that many of the maps produced by the Deschutes National Forest have the user friendly UTM Coordinate Grid in one kilometer squares imprinted there-on. The map Datum used on these maps is NAD 27. To use these maps with your $99 Garmin H GPS receiver, you must go to Set Up, Units and chose UTM; Datum and choose NAD 27 CONUS and to North Reference and chose True North. If this is confusing to you, take one of our classes or Read More on our website.

The basic topographic maps for backcountry use in the United States are the USGS Quad 1:24,000 scale maps available at a few big box outdoor stores and in Bend Oregon, at Bend Map and Blueprint under the blue awning in downtown, next to Patagonia by Pandora's Backpack.

Always carry a 1:24,000 topo map for your recreation area inscribed with the UTM grid , a Suunto M3 declination adjusted base plate Compass and an inexpensive GPS receiver such as the new $99. Garmin eTrex H (high sensitivity receiver) and yes, the skills to use them together! Remember, the declination in Central Oregon is now 16 degrees!  Take one of our indoor classes.
--Webmeister Speik

Note: If you are a member of the Mazamas, you can download 1:24,000 scale topo maps annotated with hiker and climber trails to the Cascades summits. Join the Mazamas!
--Webmeister Speik





Bob's FREE Navigation Noodle® in The Badlands, Central Oregon, USA




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  Lost and found
Three stranded climbers wait out a storm on Mt. Hood
Missing California family found, dad dies from exposure and hypothermia
Missing man survives two weeks trapped in snow-covered car
Missing snowmobile riders found, Roger Rouse dies from hypothermia
Lost snowmobile riders found, one deceased from hypothermia
Longacre Expeditions teen group rescued from the snowdrifts above Todd Lake
Lost climber hikes 6.5 miles from South Sister Trail to Elk Lake
Hiking couple lost three nights in San Jacinto Wilderness find abandoned gear
Expert skier lost five days in North Cascades without Essentials, map and compass
Climber disappears on the steep snow slopes of Mount McLaughlin
Hiker lost five days in freezing weather on Mount Hood
Professor and son elude search and rescue volunteers
Found person becomes lost and eludes rescuers for five days
Teens, lost on South Sister, use cell phone with Search and Rescue
Lost man walks 27 miles to the highway from Elk Lake Oregon
Snowboarder Found After Week in Wilderness
Searchers rescue hiker at Smith Rock, find lost climbers on North Sister
Girl found in Lane County after becoming lost on hiking trip
Search and rescue finds young girls lost from family group
Portland athlete lost on Mt. Hood
Rescues after the recent snows
Novice couple lost in the woods
Search called off for missing climber Corwin Osborn
Broken Top remains confirmed as missing climber
Ollalie Trail - OSU Trip - Lost, No Map, Inadequate Clothing


Mountain climbing has inherent dangers that can in part, be mitigated