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Map of Dutchman Flat snowmobile use restrictions for 2004


Dutchman/Tumalo Mt. Winter Recreation Changes
BEND—Bend Fort-Rock District Ranger Walt Schloer announces changes in recreation use patterns that will be implemented at the Dutchman/Tumalo Mountain area next winter. Members of the public have provided many helpful ideas. Issues most frequently voiced were those of safety, parking, snow recreation corridors, snowmobile speed, and the need for good education about winter recreation uses in the area.

Winter recreationists can expect to see the following differences in use patterns next winter in the Dutchman/Tumalo Mt. area:
• A portion of the west face of Tumalo Mt. will be closed to motorized use.
• The area bounded by the Flagline Trail on the north, Century Drive (trail 5) on the south, the 370 road (trail 8) on the west, and trail 7 on the east is closed to snowmobile use. Snowmobiles are allowed on routes 5,7, and 8 and Big Meadow. (see attached map).
• The southeast face of Tumalo Mt. and the northwest face of Tumalo Mt. will remain open to snowmobile use.
• There will continue to be some areas where each user group will share common corridors and trail crossings. Yet the current volume of crossover areas will be considerably reduced.

Ranger Schloer is also initiating environmental analysis to evaluate proposed development of a new Kapka Butte Snow Park at the junction of road 45 and Century Drive. This proposal seeks to ease pressures of limited parking capacity at Dutchman Snowpark. If environmental analysis leads to a development decision, and funding is available, actual construction would not occur before Summer of 2005.

“With some separation of winter sports, safety should be significantly improved for skiers, snowshoers and snowmobilers alike,” says Ranger Schloer. “I would like to thank the many people who participated in the Dutchman Summit in April and the many more who wrote thoughtful letters about this popular place.”

To learn more about these planned changes, view the maps and visit with District Ranger Walt Schloer, you can attend the Trail User Group meeting, May 11th at 6:30 p.m. at the Bend Community Center, 1036 N.E. Fifth Street. The map of changes can be viewed on the web at





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