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Traditional ice axe self belay and self arrest training with Mountain Link
March 2005 at an "appropriate slope" near Oregon's Mt. Bachelor ski resort




Copyright© 2005 by David Slavensky. All Rights Reserved.



















Copyright© 2005 by David Slavensky. All Rights Reserved.




Un-attributed photographs Copyright© 2005 by Robert Speik. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, March 12, 2005, FREE Traditional Mountaineering Seminar with guests Robert Link and friends, on climbing and descending steep snow slopes including ice axe belay and arrest 
We plan to meet at near the Mt. Bachelor parking lot at about 9AM. From there we will hike on consolidated snow or snowshoe to certain appropriate slopes for steep snow climbing skills and ice axe belay/arrest practice, skills needed for Aconcagua, Hood, Shasta, Jefferson, Adams, and all the others. Learn about skills and gear for rope protected climbing and rappelling steep snow, rock and ice slopes on major peaks, avalanche risk avoidance, crevasse rescue gear and set-up See the  Prospectus. See the Photos of previous seminars.  Read more on Robert Link and Associates.  Information from Robert Speik at 541-385-0445,  No drop-ins please! Reservations only; pre-registered by March 9, 2005.  FULL at 30 people (read - 3 groups of 10) Reserved!





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