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Mountain Link's J.J. Justman team summits Mount Everest from Bend Oregon!
Exclusive photo essay below . . .

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Katmandu street scene when we arrived.

Lhawang and friends.

A glimpse of Everest

On the trail to Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar

Little ones in Namche

Yak train on the trail

Its the beef!

Chef Dawa in action

Everest far left and Ama Dablam far right

Yak, chillin'

JJ in front!

Goat meat snack

Matt, Laura and Ama Dablam

Blessing the tools

The Mountain Link Sherpa crew

Ritchie the General Manager

Climbin' through the Kumbu Ice Fall

Don't look down JJ!

JJ: "Ma, ya got me?"

Tendee Sherpa and Helping Hand JJ

Joe on the ladder

Mount Everest

Climbing near Base Camp

Another 3,000 feet to go!

JJ climbing thru yellow band above camp 3

JJ and Craig re-hydrate at South Col

Craig and Dawa climbing towards the summit

The Hillary Step then onto the summit of Everest

JJ and Lhawang above Hillary step climbing to the summit

Looking back to the south summit of Everest

JJ and Lhawang on the Summit

Craig and Tendee on the Summit

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The Dispatches from the Mountain Link team are reproduced here: 


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