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Climbing Broken Top, a traditional mountaineering summit

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Broken Top and small lake.

South Sister.

Middle and North Sister from Broken Top 
Northwest Ridge.

Broken Top's Northwest Ridge.

Further up the the Northwest Ridge.

Nearing the summit pinnacle.

The crux ("Nose") with crack and 
handholds on the face.

Alternative crack and holds 
about 20' to the left.

Broken Top summit block.

Southeast Ridge and Ball Butte 
from Broken Top summit.

South Summit of Broken Top and Mount 
Bachelor from Broken Top summit.

Broken Hand and Tam McArthur Rim 
from Broken Top summit.

Looking down at the Crook Glacier 
from the summit.

Southeast Ridge and Broken Hand 
from Broken Top summit.


South Sister from Broken Top summit.

Northwest Ridge from summit.

Looking down the Bend Glacier headwall.

Scree slope descent.

Looking up the scree slopes.

View of summit from Green Lakes.

Fall Creek.

Copyright© 2001-2003 by Paul J. McClellan. All Rights Reserved.

Route: Northwest Ridge via Green Lakes
Start at the Green Lakes Trailhead just off the Cascade Lakes Highway. Take the Green Lakes Trail north along Fall Creek 4.5 miles to Green Lakes. At Green Lakes turn directly towards Broken Top and follow the trail that passes just left of the smaller lake. Just beyond this lake is a creek bed. Find a climber's trail here that will lead you up to and along the Northwest Ridge. The Northwest Ridge is scenic, fun, and straightforward. 

Near the top of the ridge is a red rock band. One can climb this up a short, easy crack/chimney step on the right but one might be able to scramble up the left hand side as well. 

Climb up to a steep rock buttress above the Bend Glacier Headwall. In early season this may require traversing snow with considerable exposure. Just below this buttress is an obvious ledge that could serve as a spacious bivy site but more likely has been created by many people milling about. The buttress only about 10 feet high. Note a crack and good hand and foot ledges just to the right of the crack. Either climb this crack and holds or move about 20' to the left to find an easier route with less exposure. 

Once up this buttress obvious ledges lead across the west side of the pinnacle to a notch. Turn left at the notch and follow another ledge to the obvious summit block. The summit block is straightforward and has some decent rock. 

As always in the Oregon Cascades, test every hold and keep three points of contact with the rock at all times. Hand and foot holds can dislodge at any time. 

On the descent downclimb the Northwest Ridge a short distance then move left onto a trail down the long scree slope. From the bottom of the scree traverse back towards the climbers trail. While descending the climbers trail towards Green Lakes you will pass above a large spring.
--Paul J. McClellan

Webmeister's Note: Paul McClellan gave me permission to post his images of his recent climbs of Mt. Thielsen and Broken Top. Paul has his own website, GlassMountains. He states, "The purpose of this site is to share some of my recreational interests, trip reports, and plans with my family and friends, and to provide links to related resources on the web."

Paul is a very experienced mountaineer, having summitted the Eighteen Major Northwest Peaks. He states, "These eighteen peaks are considered by both the Chemeketans and the Mazamas as the "Major Northwest Peaks" and recognize their members with awards who successfully climb these peaks on club climbs. The Chemeketans include all eighteen peaks; the Mazamas include sixteen of them, excluding Broken Top and Mount Thielsen. Linda joined me on our quest to climb these peaks. We shared most of the climbs together, often leading the climbs in order to get them on the official Chemeketan climb schedule. She successfully completed her goal in 1994 on Mount Baker. I completed mine in 1993 on Mount Shuksan."

Paul McClellan lives in Bend and is a member of Chemeketans, Mazamas and Bend's Cascades Mountaineers Alpine Climbing Club. Visit his site GlassMountains for more great photos and advice from a traditional mountaineer. He can be reached at




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