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Deschutes National Forest volunteers build log shelters for trail users

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Photos Copyright© 2006 by USFS. All Rights Reserved.


The Deschutes National Forest Trails Program invites you to help in the construction
of the Brandenburg winter warming shelter  10.20.05

The Deschutes National Forest Trails Program invites you to help in the construction of the Brandenburg winter warming shelter located 3 miles south of Ray Benson Sno-Park. This is one of three shelters being reconstructed in this area this year and we are pushing to finish them all before winter arrives. Brandenburg shelter located along nordic ski trails and near a snowmobile play area it used by skiers, snowshoers and snowmobilers alike. The old shelter is in a state of decline and being replaced with a more winter proof design in a new location just to the east of the old shelter; with commanding views of Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Black Butte and Hayrick Butte.

When: The three day work party is to take place October 27, 28, and 29th. At this point we have roughly 20 folks interested in Saturday the 28th and feel this is plenty for the day. We are looking for more folks for both the 27th and 29th however. Work times are 9 am until 5, or maybe dark if folks keep up the steam.

What's involved: The walls and primary roof framing are to be constructed of precut/fitted logs that will be stacked and pinned together. The log kit has been pre-fabricated in La Pine, Oregon from imported Lodgepole pine from Montana. The builder got a better deal on the Montana logs is the answer to why not use local logs. The roofing is metal and supported by 4x4 rafters and 2x4 rafter ties. The structure will have an 8 ft. deep porch, 16 x14 ft. warming space, 2 Plexiglas windows along with a wood stove,
benches, gravel floor and again great views in every direction. We are looking for volunteers interested in helping with every phase of construction; except for the concrete foundation that is already in place. Also, those Forest Service certified to operate a chainsaw will have the opportunity to cut and stock the shelter with its winter supply of

To get more information or to sign up for a day or two contact: Marv Lang at (541) 383-4793 or Chris Sabo at 383-4795. Please let us know before 3 pm, Oct. 26. so we can get a head count, give directions, etc.
--Chris Sabo, Trails/Wilderness


Progress Report   11.06.06

First, a big hand to the volunteers that worked on getting Island Junction shelter roofed in less than ideal weather yesterday. The crew worked exceptionally well in the wet and windy conditions leading me to believe most of them must be used to it. I think George's chili lunch also helped in getting the crew through the second half of the day. Anyway, about 70% of the roof is in place with just another 19 ft. of panels and most of the trim left to go up. Great work!

Here's the scheduled work for this week:

Monday - about 1.5 cord of wood was hauled into Island Jct. mostly stacked in the porch area and some outside for later placement under the benches (yet to be constructed). The area around the shelter was also cleaned of most the construction debris and much of the remaining slash and not useable wood from the old shelter burned. Tuesday - 6 folks will be heading into Island Junction to finish the roofing and work on stove installation, and possibly a window. Wednesday - 4-5 folks are scheduled to head into Brandenburg and work on finishing the roofing (mainly trim work), install the stove and pipe, and work on windows. Another crew will be heading into Brandenburg with about 1 1/2 cord of split wood to stock in the porch area. There's room for more help and I can assure you, you will at least have a roof over your head for the day's work.

At this point there are no other days scheduled for this week to work on shelters. I'm not sure if Paul and Bob were planning on any other days this week, but maybe if there were enough interest, one or both might be up for another day. We'll see what weather and snow is like before scheduling next week, but access permitting will likely shoot for Monday or Tuesday to start with. I expect we'll still have window and doorway framing to do, benches to cut and build, burn off the new paint on the stove pipes and maybe a few miscellaneous chores. We may have to wait until next summer to finish chinking but would like to at least get the remaining gaps filled with the foam backer rod next week.

Forecast looks a bit rainy Tuesday and sounds like a good possibility for snow on Wednesday. We're still pushing to get these two remaining shelters in good running condition before getting snowed out.

Give me a call if you're interested in helping out tomorrow or Wednesday (cell 541.419.7943). Thanks again for all your help!
--Chris Sabo, Trails/Wilderness



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