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Adopt-a-Highway over Santiam Pass with TraditionalMountaineering

We have "Adopted" all of the scenic pull-outs between Suttle Lake and Hoodoo Ski Resort at the top of Santiam Pass on Oregon Highway 20.
Highway 20 connects Bend and Central Oregon with Salem, Albany and Eugene in the Willamette Valley across the Cascades.
It is very heavily traveled and is slow going in the winter snows. ODOT does not permit us to walk outside the pull-outs because of the traffic hazard.
The summer pull-outs provide great views of Mount Washington and the Cascades and are kept very clean.


Suttle Lake Resort at the lower end of our section, from the Resort restaurant deck.


Mount Washington in June 2004.


Our most developed scenic pull-out and Mount Washington in July, 2004. (This is not a Fee Demo site ;-)


Oregon is proud of it's visitor friendly roads and parks! But please don't stay ;-)


Mount Washington in July. The climber's route follows the North Ridge.


Mosaic fire damage occurred in the summer of 2003.


The forest above the highway was a mosaic, as well.


Hoodoo Ski Resort marks the upper end of our Adopted section. The exit here gives access to Big Lake water skiing,
miles of hiking trails to peaks and lakes and the climber's way off the PCT to the North Ridge Route to the summit of Mount Washington.
We have very little litter to pick-up thanks to the beauty of the pull-outs down the road.


Hoodoo in late season.



Big Lake Hobie Cat folks.


Photos Copyright© 2004 by Robert Speik. All Rights Reserved.




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