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Earth Day in Bend, Oregon

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Copyright© 2003-2007 by Robert Speik.
All Rights Reserved.

Note: This is one of my first digital photo essays and it remains a favorite. --Webmeister Speik, 2007




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Tower Theater in downtown Bend
Wednesday market
Pole Pedal Paddle
Earth day in Bend
Cascade Cycling Classic

Cascade Music Festival
Fall Festival
Sustainable Living Expo

Bend WinterFest in 2007
Fall Festival 2006 in downtown Bend, Oregon
Bend Brewfest takes over the Les Schwab Amphitheater
July Fourth Pet Parade in downtown Bend, Oregon
July Fourth Festival in Drake Park in downtown Bend, Oregon
July Fourth Air Life outreach at Drake Park in downtown Bend, Oregon
Fourth of July along the Deschutes River in Drake Park in downtown Bend, OR
Having a Field Day at Hosmer Lake off Cascades Lakes Highway
Soaring with Scott Weber from the Bend, Oregon airport
Summer Festival in downtown Bend, Oregon
Hot air balloons over Bend, Oregon
McMenamins opens new pub, theater and hotel in downtown Bend
Bite of Bend at the Shops at the Old Mill in 2004    sound icon
XC Oregon Active Winter Expo and gear swap at COCC
Traditional slacklining in Bend
Para-gliding off the summit of Mt. Bachelor near Bend in Central Oregon
Winterfest in Bend, Oregon
Bend's Tower Theater restored to 1940s elegance
Bend's Wednesday market near the Deschutes River in Drake Park
Central Oregon's High Desert Museum in Bend   sound icon
Bend Log Jam celebrates the opening of the Deschutes southern crossing bridge   sound icon
Bend's southern crossing bridge
The Beach Boys concert in Bend Oregon, Summer 2003   sound icon
Cascade Music Festival in Drake Park, Bend Oregon   sound icon
A sea kayak adventure on Puget Sound
Outdoor Retailer's 2002 Summer Market in Salt Lake City
Andrew Mallory offers scenic flights from the Sunriver Resort airport
Sunriver adventures with Andrew Mallory
Misty River Band plays a free concert next to the Deschutes River   sound icon
Riverfest boat-demo in Bend Oregon
Earth Day in Bend, Oregon   sound icon
Customer appreciation night at a local store
Nordic Club's fall ski swap 
Sustainable living expo in Bend
Fall festival in Bend   sound icon
Joan Baez concert at the Athletic Club of Bend
Sunriver Resort exotic car rally
Munch-n-Music R & R in Bend   sound icon
Flashback rally in downtown Bend

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