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A-16 and Potable Aqua help us help Katrina flood survivors now

From: John D. Mead, President Adventure 16
To: Adventure 16 Customers
Subject: Purified Water Needed for the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
Date: September 2, 2005

I am writing because I thought you'd appreciate knowing about a powerful and unique opportunity to help with the relief efforts in the Gulf Region. If you're interested, please read on.

There are many ways to help, but this one is immediate and one outdoor folks can easily relate to. Clean water is desperately needed and those of us who travel in the wilderness are familiar with a chemical purification product called Potable Aqua. There are of course limitations but, generally two tablets will purify a quart of biologically contaminated water in 20 minutes.

The makers of the product, Wisconsin Pharmacal--which Adventure 16 has been doing business with for 25 years--have gone into hyper mode to produce and ship massive quantities of the product to the stricken region, but they need our help. This small company in Jackson, Wisconsin has set up a very generous, creative and easy way for us all to help: They have constructed a special emergency relief web site where companies or individuals can go online and donate bottles of tablets to legitimate relief organizations. Go to to find out more information, look over the relief organizations, and if you wish, order any quantity of tablets to be shipped directly to the region. When you get on the site, click on the red donation button in the upper right corner.

At $1.75 for a bottle of 50 tablets that normally sells for $5.00, you will provide approximately six gallons of purified water. For every 10 bottles you donate, Wisconsin Pharmacal will donate and additional 2 bottles. There is no minimum order and no maximum either. Because your donated bottles will be going directly to a tax exempt organization of your choice, your purchase is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No one except the desperate people in the stricken region are profiting from this effort. In fact the manufacturer is offering this product at less than their cost to produce it. Please consider checking out the opportunity and joining your friends here at Adventure 16 and thousands of other outdoor people in this noble and time sensitive effort.

In the Spirit of Giving!
John D. Mead
President, Adventure 16, Inc.

John D. Mead
President, Adventure 16, Inc.
4620 Alvarado Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 283-2362 Ext 104



The New Orleans flood was forecast in detail in the October 2004 National Geographic Magazine

Note:  Please read this National Geographic Magazine article (linked above) about the known causes of catastrophic risks from hurricanes and floods on the Gulf Coast.

Then ask what the Bush Administration has done to lower oil consumption and limit oil production on the Gulf Coast and to reduce global warming, a cause of changing weather patterns. The Republicans have done nothing to encourage lower fuel consumption; Republican tax breaks for the wealthy have promoted big cars and trucks that guzzle gasoline.

Yes, George Bush is an "oil man" and the oil companies are now enjoying obscene profits as gasoline prices soar. "Over at Exxon-Mobil, the world's largest and most profitable private (publicly traded) oil company, they recently announced $7.84 billion in earnings for the 2nd quarter. Of these profits, millions will be spent to cast doubt on the facts of global warming, and to lobby for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. You can bet your bottom gas dollar that Exxon won't exactly be jumping to use its profits for promoting fuel efficiency." (Quoted from the Sierra Club's E-News, Issue 125, August 18, 2005.)

Requests for funds to improve the levies were not funded by the Bush Administration, due to the cost of the war in Iraq, according to a Gulf Coast State Government engineer, interviewed in December 2005 on CNN. I am sure this assertion is being "studied" by many people, right now.

Then ask what the President's Department of Homeland Security has done over the four years since 9/11 with the billions of dollars funded by the Republican Congress to plan for the mitigation of catastrophic events like the Katrina hurricane damage and the New Orleans levy failures. The Republican Congress has squandered this "Homeland Security" money on pork as influential Congressmen (like Ralph Regula R-OH) are "bringing home the bacon" to their constituents so that they will be re-elected and become even more powerful as they serve term after term and rise in the committee ranks.

First Responders on the Gulf Coast were no more able to communicate with each other than they were on 9-11. This is scandalous!

FEMA has lost all of it's professional leadership since the Republicans took complete control; all of the FEMA leadership are political appointees of the Bush administration. This is the result of corruption and cronyism.

Can the slipping middle class in America pay soaring gas prices, the rapidly inflating cost of basic necessities, finance a failed war in Iraq and reconstruct the Gulf communities? (People are saying that the misrepresented and failed tragic war in Iraq has replaced a 'secular small state Dictator" with a Fundamentalist Moslem State and created, in the entire Moslem world, the image of America as a warrior-bully-occupier intent on overthrowing Moslem culture.) 

We must re-establish the fair income tax on the very rich and not eliminate the inheritance tax on fortunate folks leaving Taxable Estates of more than $600.000.

NBC's Today Show Hosts and Producers and CNN's Larry King can try to make us feel good and avoid the hard news as their political party dictates. What has happened to the Fourth Estate? We are listening to C-Span's two original-source Channels and to what appears to be the real reporter on TV, CNN's Anderson Cooper.

We need a change of political power in Congress, and a change of leadership in the Executive Branch. This is "Hard Work", and it may be too hard for George Bush.





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