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Snow camping from bivy to base camp!
**Basic to Advanced Mountaineering Technical Safety Skills**

This Seminar is FULL with over 20 places Reserved!

Seminar snow conditions described in MLK holiday Trail Tips  

Friday and Saturday, January 13-14, 2006, two days, 3PM or so - to 11AM or so, near a snowpark off Cascades Lakes Highway near Mt. Bachelor . . .

Seminar description:
Learn and employ skills and gear for safe bivy to base camp fun in deep snow near parked cars and privies. Meet new people! Traditional and current instruction on this subject by The Mazamas, The Mountaineers, and the Angeles Chapter Sierra Club, for thousands of students over 30 years, begins with hands-on practice like this FREE Seminar.

On Saturday, we can discuss, demonstrate and practice the following skills:
“Sarene” snow anchors - minimum gear and set-up
-picket, -deadman, -ice axe deadman, -snow bollard, -ice screws
Snow belays, instant and backed up - learn and practice set-up and rope handling
­sitting hip belay, -ice axe boot belay, -standing ice axe/carabineer belay, -dynamic snow leader belays
-Roped travel on snow, rock, ice and our Cascades glaciers - rope setup and knots
-portioning the rope for 3 person roped team, -tying in the front, back and middle person, -position of prussics, Texas prussic and pack tie off,
-climbing with fixed ropes on steep hard snow.
-Rappelling, self belay, climbing the (rappel) rope, -minimum gear and set-up, -prussics and other gear used to climb the rope.
-dulphersitz, ATC, figure 8, etc., -prussic self belay
Crevasse rescue -Z pulley crevasse rescue systems, -gear, -set up and build various systems
(Sorry, you can not come to this part of the Seminar without camping with us.)

Group dynamics -
The Seminar includes time for planning adventures. We will cook together as a group. We will be working together with the actual gear used for adventures in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Required gear -
-your Ten Essential Systems including extra clothing for possible stormy weather
-your backpack, with shelter, insulation and ability to melt snow for drinking water and food
-your four season backpacking tent or bivy sack
-two inches of waterproof insulation and a 20 degree sleeping bag (or two 40 degree bags, etc.)
-snow shovel (including big shovels for those who wish to try a snow cave or two)

Optional gear -
- your light harness with rappel and prussic gear, light weight locking biners, etc.
- your ice axe, complete with it's gear, - anchors: - snow stakes, dead-persons, and ice screws,
- 3/18" diameter 6mm prussic loops, - 3/48" diameter, sewn 9/16 nylon runners, - 1/22' length of 1" tubular nylon runner,
- your crevasse rescue pulleys, prussics and runners,
- your own rope
Note: This is intended to be a basic to advanced hands-on class. If you do not own the items listed ask us, you can use our gear. We suggest that you not buy gear before you attend this class.

This basic to advanced training can be completed in this interesting FREE overnight Seminar!
Handouts will include a printed summary of the class information. This is a free outdoor, hands-on, interactive skills Seminar lead by Robert Speik and perhaps, mystery guest experts.

Reserve your places! We are limiting this class to 11 or so participants! *** In fairness to all, you will need to commit by January 11, 2006.


For more information and to join this free Seminar: email or call Robert Speik at 541-385-0445.
There is more information on the website. Search inside this site for snow caves, hypothermia, space blankets, etc.:

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Mountain climbing has inherent dangers that can in part, be mitigated


The Three Sisters and Broken Top
South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister (the sinister sister) and Broken Top in the Three Sisters Wilderness near Bend, Oregon USA
Photo Copyright© 2004 - 2006 by Robert Speik. All rights reserved.